Future of CNC machining in India.

Why are CNC machines the future, and what do we need to know about them?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are controlled by software, allowing the user to generate a design and have the machine create the product. CNC machines incorporate a whole host of functions such as drilling, routing, milling and cutting, making them extremely versatile.

As CNC machines do not need to be manually controlled while they work, this allows for repeated work to be performed reliably, and over an extensive amount of time. A huge benefit of this is that CNC machines can be left to work with minimal human involvement, allowing a much greater level of productivity and efficiency.

Advantages of CNC machining services

Reliable Production
High Production and Scalability
Dynamic programming
Less Labor
Uniform Product
Lower Costs
Improves machining accuracy
Enables complex tasks, detail
Creates flexibility in manufacturing
Increases safety
Boosts production volume
Reduces setup-changeover time

Versatile capabilities

Due to their modern CAD / CAM programming software availability, Extend of manufacturing capability is based on programming abilities and imagination of Programmers. As the software that accompanies these devices becomes more powerful, yet easier to use, it becomes increasingly accessible to new users.

Rapid rise

Only a decade ago, CNC machines were used predominantly by manufacturers and factories on large scale industrial projects, whereas now the scale is reducing, so that the general public are able to acquire powerful CNC machines to create their own work. This has opened up the potential market for buyers, appealing to an increasing amount of people.

The move to mobile CNC machines

While CNC machines in the past have been generally large machines that are not mobile, the next step in their development looks poised to be mobile devices that are easily portable. It may be that numerous small devices are then able to connect together to create larger projects, with hundreds or thousands working in cooperation on different tasks.

Manufacturing developments

While CNC machines may become more prominent among households and smaller businesses, they are also set to continue their dynamic contribution to large manufacturing companies and factories worldwide.

As the CNC machines themselves become more user friendly and advanced, manufacturing companies are able to produce even more precise products, paving the way for advanced developments, such as nanotechnology.

The advancement of the CNC machine remains one of the most exciting developments in modern manufacturing technology and, with the ability to rapidly create products and parts, it is sure to change the way that the manufacturing industry operates, as well as the global economy too.

Looking Into The Near Future of CNC
Few years back, 3D printing was a distant dream for many technologist and students who would try programming and prototyping of small components. Now this additive manufacturing technology become pocket friendly with the growth of open source 3d Printer like PRAUSA. These 3D printer also brings higher interest to the hobbyist and students as its DIY (Do It Yourself)

As for CNC technology, CNC machines have already begun to drop in price and are becoming more readily available to the public. Expect to see a continued decrease in the price of these machines. Plus, they’ve become easier to use.

Why CNC machine Size Matters
Availability of Desktop CNC machine is getting better and better as it can be installed at a garage or a living room next to your television is becoming reality.

Impact of Covid-19
Covid-19 heavily impacted the CNC machining industry in India due to lockdowns and inconsistency in labor attendance in factories. Irrespective of the huge financials losses as well as irregular disruption in production, CNC machining will improve as India is receiving huge number of enquires from western countries as corporations around the world wants to reduce the risk of having manufacturing operations mainly depends on China. Eventually when the enquiries gets converted into business, there is a huge opportunity for India to capatalize and grow the business further.

The Bottom Line
Despite rapid changes that occur in any industry and with any technology industry, there is certainly a bright future ahead for CNC machining. To see any piece of technology make our lives easier and more efficient is a great thing. With the continued growth of smaller and more affordable CNC equipment like desktop CNC machines, This sectors will bring great success in India in the future.


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