Synergy Automatics designs and manufactures various types of quality press tools in Chennai, India for automotive and Aerospace Industry. List of Press tools manufactured by us includes following types.

Progressive Press Tools
Compound Press Tools
Combination Press Tools
Other Simple Press Tools

We follow industry leading standards to design, manufacture and assemble high quality press tools which can withstand higher stress and fatigues to chuck precise metal parts. In order to achieve high quality parts. We follow the below material standards

Top plate – Mild Steel
Punch back plate – OHNS / EN8
Punch holder – OHNS / EN8
Punch – D2
Stripper plate – OHNS / EN8
Die – D2
Die back plate – OHNS / EN8
Bottom plate – Mild Steel
Spring, Pillar and Pillar bush – Misumi
All Dies and Punchs are Vaccum hardened appropriately to last longer.

A progressive tool differs from a stage tool in the following respect: in a progressive tool the final component is obtained by progressing the sheet metal or strip in more than one stage. At each stage the tool will progressively shape the component towards its final shape, with the final stage normally being cutting-off.


It is one of complex forming press tools and Only a handful of manufacturers in India manufactures Progressive press tools in India. Our experienced professionals can design complex progressive press tools.

The compound tool differs from progressive and stage tools by the arrangement of the punch and die. It is an inverted tool where blanking and piercing takes place in a single stage and also the blanking punch will act as the piercing die.

Forming is the operation of deforming a part in curved profile. Forming tools apply more complex forms to work pieces. The line of bend is curved instead of straight and the metal is subjected to plastic flow or deformation.

In a combination tool two or more operations such as bending and trimming will be performed simultaneously. Two or more operations such as forming, drawing, extruding, embossing may be combined on the component with various cutting operations like blanking, piercing, broaching and cut off takes place- it can perform a cutting and non cutting operations in a single tool.


Press tool is a metal forming process for Sheet metals. Sheet metals are mostly used for industrial & consumer parts because of its capacity for being bent and formed into complex shapes. Galvanized iron, tin plates, copper, brass, zinc, aluminium etc metals are mostly used. Sheet metal parts include automotive, agricultural machinery, and aircraft components as well as consumer equipment.
Selection of sheet metal forming operation depends on the selection of a material with adequate form-ability, appropriate tooling and design of part, the surface condition of the sheet material, proper lubricants, and the manufacturing conditions such as the speed of the forming operation, forces applied, etc. sheet metal forming processes includes:

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