Synergy Automatics designs and manufactures Hydraulic & Pneumatic work holding and clamping Fixtures, Hydraulic Fixtures for CNC Machines and machining Fixtures for VMC to manufacture high quality parts and components in VMC machine in Chennai, India.

Simultaneously clamp and unclamp parts between cycles clamping force is consistent locate parts with repeatability eliminate operator error and increase safety hold dynamic parts in a secure position for machining change parts quickly with operator friendly clamping and un-clamping accommodate challenging workpieces large or small with a tailor-made fixture

Our team designs, manufactures, and inspects your custom workholding fixtures for precision and accuracy (CMM reports available upon request). each design gets approved before it hits the shop floor to ensure your workholding fixture is exactly what you need.

One-stop turn-key workholding Looking for a place to take care of all your workholding needs? our fixtures are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in house. alongside our fixtures, we also manufacture tombstones, grid plates, and many work holding components.

CMM inspection for part accuracy Our fixtures are checked using large scale, state-of-the-art CMM’s (coordinate measuring machines) within a temperature controlled environment to ensure the tightest tolerance requirements. thus, providing you with an accurate machining platform for your parts. CMM reports are available upon request.

Flexible support & fast quoting process Speak directly with our expert fixture engineers to discuss your fixturing applications. our engineering team can quickly provide you with a 3d cad model of your specific fixture for you to look over and verify.


Hydraulic Fixture is a clamping system that uses high-pressure liquids to power clamps and hold a work piece in place. Hydraulically clamped fixtures have many advantages over manually clamped fixtures as it offers rigidity of workholding parts which in turn reduces operational costs due to reduction in tool wear and parts rejections. We also offer hydraulic fixtures for CNC machines and conventional milling machines.


We design and manufactures machining fixtures for VMC machines which includes following types for various industries inlcuding automotive and aerospace.

1. Hydraulic work holding Fixtures
2. Pneumatic Machining Fixtures
3. CNC Lathe / Turning Fixtures
4. Indexing Fixtures
5. Welding Fixtures
6. Assembly and checking Fixtures

Pneumatic workholding fixture designers and manufacturers

Pneumatic actuation is used to open and close the jaw faces on these grips, Synergy Automatics designs and manufactures Pneumatic workholding fixtures which are ideal for high volume testing and maintaining a consistent clamping pressure to get better parts during production.

hmc fixtures manufacturers in India


Synergy Automatics manufactures fixtures for Horizontal Milling Centers (HMC) Machining Fixtures. These fixtures are high in accuracy, high productivity, rigid with clamps, designed for repetability and easy to place and remove the components.

Our experienced team of designers and engineers can make the fixture right at the first design and manufacturing.

VMC fixture manufacturers in India Chennai


Synergy Automatics manufactures fixtures for Vertical Milling Centers (VMC) Machining Fixtures. Our fixtures are high in accuracy, high productivity, rigid, designed for repetability and easy to place and remove the components. We do VMC fixtures including VMC clamping fixtures.

Our experienced team of designers and engineers can make the fixture right at the first design and manufacturing.

Manufacturing a 6 start threaded mould is a very complex process to manufacture abrasives. We design, manufacture and supply critical Threaded mould to manufacture complex and rubbers and abrasives.


Fixtures play an important role within many manufacturing processes. They accurately locate and secure a work piece during machining such that the part can be manufactured to design specifications. Thus fixtures have a direct effect upon machining quality, productivity, and the cost of products. This paper presents design and development of hydraulic fixture for real industrial component. The component is Exhaust manifold front which is engine part of mini truck. The operations to be performed are rough & finish milling of flange, drilling, reaming & spot facing on VMC.

In existing design the fixture set up is done manually, so the aim of this project is to replace with hydraulic fixture to save time for loading and unloading of component. The evaluated fixture uses hydraulic vertical swing clamps for holding the work piece driven by hydraulic power pack. Thus the new fixture achieves automatic and simultaneous clamping of parts.

Design of fixture whether it is manual or hydraulic is the same. Any work holding fixture must fulfill three basic functions.
1) Position the component accurately.
2) Support the component accurately.
3) Clamp the component accurately.

The structure of the fixture must be sufficiently rigid and heavy to avoid deformities and vibrations due to machine movements and clamping forces. For designing fixture it is necessary to study component details which include part geometry, machining process, design and interpretation rules for the machining fixture. Part drawing study is required to decide locating surface, clamping surface and resting surface where process plan study is required to calculate cutting forces.

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