Modular Belt & Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Modular Belts are the middle version of Flat Belt & Chain. Modular belts overcome the limitations of flat belt conveyors.

A modular belt is a series of plastic molded parts, which are interlocked in one other to form a belt. They run by sprocket instead of rollers.

There is plenty of variety in modular belts depending on the material of the belt and applications. PP & Acetylene are the most used materials in belts. There are different attachments also e.g., rubber top or activated roller belt. It is possible to build “S” or “L” curved conveyors using a modular belt.

Compared to flat belts, modular belts are costly. Due to this, modular belts usage is limited only when the specific application demands.

Synergy Automatics Conveyors manufactures various types of modular belt and slat belt conveyors. Synergy Automatics Conveyors also manufacturer of gravity roller conveyor.

Flat Belt Conveyors
Flat Belt Conveyors

Read below to know applications of Modular Belt & Flat Top Chain Conveyors

How do Modular Belt Conveyors work?

Modular belts are a series of molded parts interlocked to form a hinged chain. Sprockets run the belt. A shaft consists of sprocket equispaced, which drives the belt. Due to the direct positive drive to the belt, there is no belt tracking required. Due to a hinge type chain, there is pitch to every belt. And every belt manufacturer recommends the guidelines while design, such as support rollers position, sprocket position, minimum bending radius along the curves, catenary sag.

What are types Or Applications of Modular Belt Conveyors?

Depending on the application, there are different types of belt conveyors as ​

  • Inclined Conveyor
  • Straight Conveyor
  • Spiral Conveyor
  • Cooling Conveyor
  • Knife Edge Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Food Grade Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Cleated Belt Conveyor
  • Side Wall Belt Conveyor
  • Bucket Conveyor


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