Curve Conveyors

What are the types of Curve Conveyors?

Synergy Automatics Conveyors manufacturers various types of curve conveyors. These are​

  • Curve Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Curve Powered Roller Conveyor
  • Modular Belt Curve Conveyor
  • Modular Slat Curve Conveyor

​We choose the suitable option depending on the application.


Flat Belt Conveyors
Flat Belt Conveyors
Flat Belt Conveyors

Read below to know applications of Curve Conveyors

Why are Curve Conveyors important?

To optimize the space and product flow curve conveyors are an integral part of the layout.​ The product behavior at curves is different from straight conveyors. An improper curve conveyor may make the product unstable, leaving its starting position and change orientation.

An ideal curve conveyor ​should not allow the above to happen. It delivers the product as it is received.

 What is the Curve Roller Conveyors?

Curve Roller Conveyors have Taper rollers, which make the product movement stable at curves. The Curve Roller Conveyor is the economical out of all the options available. Curve Roller Conveyors are easy to maintain and easy to run.

​The limitation of the Curve Roller Conveyors is that the product should be able to run on the Roller Conveyors.

What is the Curve Modular Belt & Slat Conveyors?

Modular belt conveyors have belts that are suitable to run straights or at curves. At Curve Modular belt conveyors are used in various industries depending on the application.

​For smaller widths of the products, modular slats are suitable for use. They work similarly to belts, and construction is the same as modular belts.



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